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We only use Modern Vans with Air Conditioning and we offer English speaking guides on every tour.
These Vans are very comfortable and spacious.


Ask us about:

  • Airport transfer
  • Private Tours


  • Hire for 1/2 or Full day ventures to other towns, visit the rainforest, other beaches, go shopping.

We know from our own experience that not everyone can remember to bring everything they need. In view of that we offer the following for rent:

-Underwater Camera that takes both pictures and videos @ $20.00 per tour ($200 refundable deposit)

-Binoculars, especially beneficial on the boat, ocean and hiking tours @ $15.00 per tour ($150 refundable deposit).

Services 2

-Local Simm Cards for your cellular phone. $8.00 plus whatever amount of time you desire. Don’t pay US, Canada or Euro charges for local calls in Costa Rica. We can potentially save you hundreds of dollars with our Simm Card rental. Simply replace your mini or full size simm card with a local card and buy as many miutes as you like, from $10 to $200.

Services 5

-Memory Cards for your camera. We sell both 8 Gig and 16 Gig memory cards; ask us for current pricing. Don’t buy these in local stores, our are much more reasonable.

Services 4

-Bug Spray crucial to have bug spray with you on any tropical tour. Most sprays are only ‘somewhat’ effective; Ben’s is 98+% pure DEET; you won’t have a mosquito problem with this.